Stand Apart From Your Job-Seeking Competitors!

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We’ve all had interviews where we’ve left feeling completely discouraged about our chances at the job. Knowing the essential rules and techniques to use when interviewing is vital to making the best possible impression.

Here are some quintessential tips to stand apart from your job-seeking competitors.

Do Research:

Know exactly what you’re getting into. One of the most commonly asked questions is “Why do you want to work here” or some variation of this question. Research the company before the interview and pick out three facts, stats or even questions that you’d like to ask them. This shows them that you’re interested in their company and what they represent.

Look Sharp:

I’m sure this tip has been drilled into your head repeatedly. But, without fail, it is one of the most essential basic tips. Be smart! Select what you’re going to wear to the interview the day/ night before. Remember to do research on the company’s dress code. Whether they’re a casual wear environment, or a corporate wear environment, dress up. Make sure that your outfit doesn’t have any spots or wrinkles. In other words… going to wear a dress shirt? Iron it. It’s simple, and an effective tip.

Be Prepared:

Make sure that you have extras…. an extra copy of your resume, an extra copy of references, even extra pens! Be prepared! Depending on the type of work you do, consider investing in a portfolio. Check out The Muse’s “Your Interview Checklist: What to Remember Before, During and After”.

Answer with Confidence and Examples:

Eye contact; do not be afraid to meet your interviewer’s eyes when speaking to them. Speak up, and don’t mumble. Confidence is hard to demonstrate or exert, especially if you’re an introvert. My tip? Fake it until you make it. Practice out loud before the interview and you’ll find that the answers will come more smoothly. Don’t forget to give solid, applicable examples of situations where you’ve exceled or have experienced a challenge. Providing specific examples can help them determine the type of employee you are.

Follow Up:

Following up is often an uncommon thing to do. However, it is one way to remind your interviewer of all the valuable traits that you can bring to the company. Consider calling them a few days after the interview. If you really want to stand out, consider writing them a thank you note. You’ll appear more genuine in your approach.


By: Maria Rios | Contributor, Former Communications Intern at

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