Interview tomorrow…are you ready?

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So? Are you ready? Your big interview is tomorrow morning. You have got one shot in getting in front of the person who has the authority to either let you in or keep you out. You know you are perfect for this job, you meet all of the qualifications and you have a great attitude to go along with it.

Preparing for an interview is not just having a loved one throw you some interview questions anymore. There is a lot of groundwork that must be completed. Research, organization and a positive mindset.

Protein and chicken
First and foremost, supper!! What are you going to fuel your body with? In order to answer the challenging interview questions effectively, you will need your brain to be pumped up with vitamins, protein and water. It may be tempting to heat up some leftover pizza or grab that piece of chocolate cake, but instead, you should reach for the chicken, broccoli and a couple glasses of water.

While dinner is cooking, take some time to research the company. I recommend using the laptop and not your phone. You need a big clear picture of what you are about to walk into tomorrow. Starting with the “About Page”, you can learn about the company’s history, office locations, their mission and goals. You want your answers to reflect everything they stand for in an organization. By looking at the “Career Page” you can identify their company culture. It is common for recruiters to hire someone who is more of a culture fit over someone who has more working experience now a days. Make sure you are able to demonstrate your values and goals. Most importantly, do not forget to let your personality shine through.

Pass on the invite out
You may get a call from some friends inviting you out for a couple of drinks.  After the stress you have been through this week, it may sound like a great idea. It is actually a very bad idea. You need to take the entire evening to relax, organize and prepare. Crawling into bed around midnight will do you no favors.

Resume and wardrobe
After you have printed off your resume and references, to whom you have already asked permission from, it is now time to plug in the iron and attack the closet on what you will be wearing. A suit jacket (recommended), dress pants and a professional looking button down is perfect. Make sure it is clean, ironed and hung for easy access in the morning.

Positive thoughts
OK…now for the mental positive mindset…crucial. Having a long hot shower before bed will be a huge help with this. It forces you to stop, take some deep breaths and let go of some stress, giving you some time to reflect on why they even called you in the first place. You must go into the interview with confidence and a positive attitude.

Time to write
As you crawl into bed, grab your notepad and write down all of the positive things that you bring to an organization. We are so quick to judge ourselves on what we need to improve on that we often forget about all of the good qualities that we have to offer. Write them down so they will be fresh in your mind for the interview. It will help immensely in showcasing your skills and abilities.

Google Maps
Your phone is most likely in your hand, so take a quick look at your Google maps to see where you are going. Set a mental time on when you need to be walking out the door to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the interview.

Set your alarm and shut Facebook down. It is now time to sleep. After all, tomorrow is quite possibly the day that could change your future. You can do this…Good luck!!!

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