A Special Thank You After The Interview

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The interview process can be a bit of an obstacle course designed to prod and divulge your true competencies for the position that you have applied to. It is not just the interview that determines whether or not you are a fit for the role. What you do before, during and after the interview are all important elements to the hiring process.

Sending a thank you letter is not only the polite thing to do, it gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for the interviewers’ time, build on your rapport highlighting your star qualities that you possess and to reiterate the interest in the position and the organization.

Highlight Capabilities

After the interview you should have a really good indication to what type of personality and qualities that they are looking for. Even though you nailed the questions to the best of your ability you may not have had the opportunity to emphasize on your key skills and strengths that you can bring to the table. It gives you the chance to address potential concerns that could prevent you from getting the job. For example, you may not have experience in one particular area, but you can point the interviewer to a past experience that reveals your ability to learn quickly and achieve results. A thank you letter is the perfect tool to inject key information about your strengths and skills that will gain the interviewer’s attention and give you a clear advantage over competing candidates.

Build Rapport

Leaving the interview feeling confident is great, but the reality is, you are most likely one of many great candidates that have interviewed for this role. In order to stand out above and beyond from your interview, you need to take one step further to continue the rapport that you have built with the hiring manager. Express gratitude and thank them for taking the time to consider you for the position. If you can, mix a bit more of your personality or previous conversation into the content of the letter and you’ll reaffirm that previously created rapport!

Email Etiquette 

Email is the number one source of communication throughout the business world today. People who care about their writing demonstrate credibility, professionalism, and accuracy in their work. This is a highly valuable and essential characteristic.  Writing a thank you note gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in email etiquette. One of the easiest ways to discount your personal credibility is to fall victim to spelling errors and poor grammar. Built in spell check features aren’t always reliable, which is why it is important to read, and reread all of your content. Remember to use a professional email address, the last thing you want to send is your sexyvixen@hotmail account.  😉


If nothing else, sending a thank you letter demonstrates your enthusiasm and professional characteristics. It is a very important part of the interview process. If you craft it carefully, it can also be the catalyst that moves you to the front of the candidate line, shouting loud and clear I’m the one to hire!



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