Powerful Words for a Winning Resume

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When was the last time that you updated your resume?

Refreshing your resume does not have to be a painful project, all you need to do is add some powerful words to give it a lift.

Remember, the hiring manager  is sourcing through several resumes for the position that you have applied to, and it is most likely that they are reading all the same words over and over again that people use to highlight their skills.

With today’s highly competitive job market, you want to stand out from the rest and one easy way to do this is by using strong powerful words to exemplify your past experiences. This little task will improve your chances in getting scheduled in for an interview,


Here are some powerful words that hiring managers want to see:

Accelerated Amplified Articulated Awarded
Broadened Balanced Benefited Boosted
Collaborated Corresponded Conserved Critiqued
Delegated Differentiated Delivered Designed
Excelled Evaluated Eliminated Executed
Facilitated Fulfilled Forecasted Formed
Generated Garnered Guided Grasped
Heightened Headed Hone Handled
Initiated Instructed Implemented Influenced
Justified Judged Joined Litigated
Launched Leveraged Led Linked
Mentored Motivated Multiplied Measured
Neutralized Negotiated Notified Nominated
Oversaw Overcame Obtained Optimized
Promoted Produced Promoted Persuaded
Quantified Qualified Questioned Queried
Retained Recover Revamped Reconstructed
Secured Simulated Specialized Surpassed
Transitioned Triumphed Trained Tracked
Unified Upheld Upgraded Updated
Verified Validated Valued Visualize
Widened Wove Won Weighed


If your resume is filled with the common words such as team player, self-motivated and results-driven you may want to substitute them with some of the words listed above. Copy and paste. Resume makeover is complete. It is that easy.

Don’t forget we here at PurpleSquirrel.ca are extremely passionate in helping YOU the job seeker land the job of your dreams.  Have a question? Looking for some specific advice about your resume or an interview coming up? Send us an email hello@purplesquirrel.ca, we would be glad to help.

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