SHINE Bright like a Diamond.

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Recruiting in today’s world is such a beautiful thing.  There was a time when all the recruiter had was a black and white word document, filled with work history, education and special interests. It is so much more appealing and entertaining now, and if it is done correctly it can land you an interview to your dream job.  It is an absolute pleasure to the eyes when you come across a superstar candidate who has taken the time to present themselves in a professional, creative “look at me” approach.

You have the ability to showcase yourself with a professional profile picture, a personalized page ( that highlights your awesome personality, skills, accomplishments and career goals. You can also provide the links to all of your social media sites (make sure you have cleaned them up). If you have not started blogging yet, I suggest that you do. This is a definite added feature that will show a different side of you and make you stand out from the rest.

There is another option for the brave and fearless. A video resume…yes I said it…a video resume. The thought of presenting yourself on video is terrifying I know, but it is so outrageously fabulous to the eyes of a recruiter and sets you miles apart from everyone else. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on how and where you can get this done.

So get your brand on and shine bright like a diamond. You have everything at your fingertips on how to stand out from the rest. The what-to-do’s, the what-not-to-do’s, and the how-to-do’s….as Nike says…just do it!

The more creative you are the better!! Entertain us with how wonderfully talented you are.

Keep following the PurpleSquirrel Facebook page for job searching tips and how to stand out from the crowd. After all, YOU are the reason we are here!!!

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