Interviewing the Employer

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Interviewing for your dream job gives you the opportunity to unleash your talent, demonstrate your strong work ethic and share your vision and goals with your potential new employer. But it is just as important to remember that the interview taking place is a two way street. It is also your time to interview the company itself to determine if it is in fact the right fit for you.

It is expected that you will have a list of questions to ask, written in a professional book for you to refer to. Not only do you present yourself as prepared, intelligent and extremely interested in the organization, you will gain valuable information about the company before possibly accepted this position.

Here are a few questions you should consider asking:

Why is this job available?

It is important to understand why this position has become available. You want to find out if the last employee doing this role was promoted, let go or resigned. The ideal answer to this question would be that the person was promoted. If they are unable to give you a clear answer as to why this opportunity opened up, you should be concerned.

If offered the position, can you give me examples of ways I would collaborate with my manager?

It is important to understand how management within the organization works with its employees. Ideally you want to work with a manager that does not force you to stay within your cubicle adhering to his or her dictated orders. The person that you report to should encourage growth and should value your new ideas and visions. You want to work in a collaborative environment that will groom you to success.

What skills and attributes are required to be successful in this role?

Be sure to ask what skills and characteristics they are looking for in the perfect candidate. They already have their mind set and it isn’t always listed in the job description. When you have a good understanding of the characteristics and skills that they are looking for, you can begin to highlight your qualities that you have and line them up with their list. In the end, you will deliver better, more targeted interview answers than you could without knowing the answer to this question.

Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications for this position?

This indicates that you are confident, receptive to feedback and serious about your improvement within an organization.

Be sure to wait for the job offer before you begin negotiating your compensation. While it’s always a good idea to ask questions in an interview, it would be in your best interest not to ask about the salary, health insurance and your vacation time. This may make them feel negatively about you and your motivations for wanting the job. It also takes away from your time to sell yourself for the job so that they do make you an offer.

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